TT Talk: Asset Management – A Case for Drones


Ports, terminals and similar facilities use a wide range of handling equipment assets to serve the global supply chain in the movement and storage of cargo. Given the nature of the operations, these assets regularly see significant wear and tear over their service life. Therefore, to ensure safe and efficient operations, managers must be able to make informed decisions based on the condition of their assets.

An asset manager needs to build knowledge of asset performance and plan maintenance interventions appropriately, which makes the quality of the data gathered vital. However, given the typical location of these assets, being over/near water or close to busy operations – together with their sheer size – access can present danger.

The use of drones within asset management strategies offers significant benefits in terms of safety by reducing the requirement to place personnel in high-risk locations. Likewise, there are tangible benefits in terms of the quality of the data that can be gathered through the utilisation of this technology.

A well-managed drone operation, adhering to sound industry practice and relevant regulatory controls, can prove beneficial. However, the implementation of in-house or third-party drone capabilities within a port and terminal environment needs to be done carefully to avoid introducing new risks.

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Source: TT Club