Turkish and Romanian Responders Neutralized More Soviet-era Sea Mines


  • On March 28, Turkish and Romanian responders neutralized more Soviet-era sea mines that were found drifting in the Black Sea.
  • Romanian Navy minesweeper Vice Admiral responded to a floating naval mine that was spotted about 40 nm off Capu Midia, a Romanian military base located near Constanta.
  • To neutralize the mine a dive team used an inflatable launch to get close, and they destroyed the mine using an explosive charge.

A recent news article published in the Safety4Sea states that mines neutralized in the Black Sea.

Mines in Turkish waters

In addition, in the Turkish waters of the Black Sea, another mine was found roughly 150 nm to the south of the Romanian Navy’s discovery. A Turkish Navy SAS team responded to the site and neutralized the mine.

The most recent drifting mines found were the second and third in three days, as during the weekend Turkish forces found and neutralized another “old type” mine near the busy entrance to the Bosporus.

As for Turkey nor Romania the did not announce the source of the drifting mines, but Russian state media had previously issued a message claiming that Ukrainian sea mines had gone adrift in the Black Sea.

Russian NAVTEX message broadcast

In fact, a Russian NAVTEX message broadcast last week claimed that there were more than 400 moored mines installed near Odesa, Ochakov, Chernomorsk and Yuzhnyy.

Ukraine has denied responsibility, noting that the mines were planted by Russia to disrupt sea lanes to and from Ukraine.

Vessels are advised to employ the use of mine lookouts while transiting the Black Sea.

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Source: Safety4Sea