Two Missing After Ship Sinks In Java Sea



Accident: Vessel Capsized due to water ingress
Incident: 2 missing
Date: 2nd September, 2015.
Location: 100 nm North East of Surabaya, Indonesia
Vessel involved: Container Ship Meratus Banjar-2

The container vessel sank in Java sea due to water ingress in its Engine room.  The incident is said to have occurred when the container-laden vessel was en route from Surabaya to Makassar, South Sulawesi, (Makassar Strait).

On 1st September, at around 2200 hrs, a leak occurred in its engine room. The crew could not contain the water ingress, which resulted in capsize of the vessel during the early hours of  2nd September. Two crew members are missing.

The vessel, “ Meratus Spirit- I”, owned and operated by Indonesia’s Meratus Line, was despatched to aid the search for the missing crew.

Head of Information Department of the Navy, First Admiral Zainudin is reported to have quoted  “We are also sending Rimau Island and KRI Owa to the scene to help evacuate victims”.



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