Two PSVs Launched For Otto



Two Platform supply vessels – ‘Go Matilda’ and ‘Go Mundara’, the sister ships, were launched by the Chinese Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry on January 6 and 8 respectively.

Out of 4 PX121-design vessels, the sister ships are two and three in number, the first vessel being Go Michigan.


  • They are capable of supporting offshore activities which are being carried out further from shore and in deeper waters.
  • In addition to tanks for various contents such as oil, water, and drilling fluids, they have four stainless steel tanks for flammable liquids or corrosive chemicals (LFL tanks).
  • Each ship would be equipped with dynamic positioning system Class II and prepared for offshore crane and mezzanine deck for ROV.
  • The contract with Ulstein includes the deliveries of engineering and main equipment including integrated control systems, bridge (radio, navigation), switchboard, diesel electric propulsion and frequency converters, and communication systems.
  • The ships are recognised as medium-sized PSVs.

Details of the Vessels:

  • It has an overall length of 83.4 metres.
  • The vessel has a beam of 18 metres.
  • The load capacity of the vessel is approx. 4,000 tonnes.
  • It has a cargo deck of approximately 850 square metres.

The ships are being built for the Singapore-based shipowner Otto Offshore.

Source: Ulstein



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