Two Workers Asphyxiate Onboard Cargo Ship


On the morning of May 20, two male workers were found unconscious on a cargo ship moored at Ishinomaki Port in Miyagi Prefecture, with one of them in critical condition.

Oxygen Deficiency 

Around 7:40 a.m. employees of a cargo ship flying the Panamanian flag moored at the Ishinomaki Port Unagino Kitafuto pier reported to the fire department that “two people had collapsed on board the ship.” According to the Ishinomaki Coast Guard, the collapsed individuals were a 57-year-old male worker from Ishinomaki City and a 53-year-old male worker from Osaki City.

They were both transported to the hospital due to carbon dioxide poisoning, with the 57-year-old worker in critical condition.

It is believed that the two collapsed while entering the ship’s warehouse to load cargo and suffered from oxygen deficiency. Although it was reported that palm kernel shells, used as biomass fuel, were stored in the warehouse, the causal relationship is not yet established.

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Source: Safety4sea