Typhoon Brings Floods In Philippines


Koppu the typhoon blew ashore with fierce wind and Topped trees that killed one and injured 4 others in Manila.


Strong winds and rain are brought by Typhoon Koppu.  The heavy floods have put villages underwater and gives fears of massive landslides that could wipe out communities.  Floods have completely isolated the town of Casiguran, Dinalungan, and Dilasag.

Measured disaster:

  • 51,000 families had been affected.
  • 60,000 people lost their houses.
  • Two deaths – from a falling tree and a collapsed concrete wall.
  • 21, 841 families or 560, 570 persons were affected by the typhoon from Regions I, II, III, IV-A, Cordillera Administrative Region and National Capital Region.

About typhoon Koppu:

  • Winds up to 210 kilometres per hour.
  • 650-kilometer (404-mile) cloud radius.
  • ridge of high pressure over China.
  • Caused landslides and flash floods.

Source: Financial Spots