U.S. Cargo Vessel Set to Ship Medical, Defence Supplies To Ukraine


The US is building a maritime bridge over the Atlantic to help Ukraine with critical materiel, as a massive cargo ship in the Belgian port of Antwerp prepared to set sail for Germany, says an article published in U.S News.

Military equipment

Carol Petsonk, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Aviation and International Affairs, toured the loading dock of the aircraft carrier “Arc Integrity,” where military equipment was strapped to the floor.

“What we see is the vessel’s carrying two types of equipment: One is the personal vehicles, belongings of service members who are going to serve in U.S. forces in Europe,” Petsonk told reporters.

“The other is military equipment, including defensive capability equipment, medical vehicles for providing medical supplies to injured.”

Desperate need of  medical supplies 

Vehicles, medical supplies, and temporary bridges would be offloaded in Bremerhaven, Germany, and delivered to Ukraine by land, according to Petsonk.

“Ukraine desperately needs medical supplies and capability to move those supplies into the country to the points where they are needed, and that’s what these vehicles will provide.”

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Source: U.S.News


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