U.S. Navy Ship Righted

Credit: Maël BALLAND/Pexels

On Tuesday, two tugs successfully manoeuvred the Petrel, a US Navy vessel that had tipped over in a dry dock in Edinburgh on March 22, to afloat in Imperial Dock in Leith, as reported by BBC.


The ship, which had been leaning at a 45-degree angle, was stabilized before being moved to allow for further evaluation and repairs. The incident had caused injuries to dozens of people, with 23 being treated in hospital and 12 at the scene. The Health and Safety Executive launched an investigation into the incident, and social media photos suggest that the dry dock had been flooded to right the ship on Sunday.

Investigation going on

According to an HSE spokesperson, the HSE is collaborating with Police Scotland to investigate the incident. The Petrel had been stationed in the dockyard since 3 September 2020 due to difficulties resulting from the pandemic. Previously owned by the deceased Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, the ship was purchased to search for historically significant shipwrecks. In 2022, the vessel was sold to the US Navy and is currently managed by Oceaneering International, an American-owned company, and registered in the Isle of Man.


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Source: BBC