U.S. To Take In 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees


The United States will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and other displaced people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, a senior administration official told reporters traveling with President Biden on Thursday, reports npr.

Refugee admission program

While most displaced Ukrainians want to stay in Europe, the U.S. government expects to use its refugee admission program as well as the parole system and immigrant and non-immigrant visas to bring in Ukrainians, the official said, noting Ukrainian-Americans are eager to welcome family members into the country. Vulnerable people including LGBTQI people, people with medical needs and journalists and dissidents will also be prioritized, the official said.

A second official told reporters that Biden plans to announce $1 billion in new funding for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and refugees in neighboring countries.

The Biden administration, G-7 and the EU are also moving to block Russian sales of gold aimed at propping up the ruble, a third official said. Russia’s central bank had about 20% of its reserves in gold ahead of its invasion of Ukraine, the official said, noting “market chatter” about efforts to evade sanctions on the central bank by selling some of the reserves.

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Source: npr



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