U.S Tourist Dies After Zipline Mishap



Marsha Boekeloo, a 56-year-old cruise ship passenger, died after falling from a zipline in Puerto Rico.  The fatality occurred on October 15, but the police released the information on October 20th, Tuesday.

The identity of the victim was confirmed by the manager at Maurices clothing store, New Mexico, where the victim was employed.  But the manager did not comment further.

The victim was one among the group of 24 Cruise ship passengers who visited the park.  The victim complained of motionless legs and chest pain after her fall.  She was rushed to the hospital where she died.

Ecoquest Adventures & Tours, a San Juan-based tour company that specialises in zip lining, rappelling and hiking, organized the tour.  Owner Ivan Purcell informed that the park will remain closed till the investigation into the death is finalised.

In Puerto Rico, some legislators are calling for government regulation of adventure tours or parks that are becoming popular across the island.

Source: Washington Times



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