UCIRC for Steel General Purpose Containers, Revision 3

Credits: Timelab Pro/Unsplash

The Unified Container Inspection and Repair Criteria (UCIRC) is jointly prepared by the Bureau International des Container (BIC), International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), and the World Shipping Council (WSC). For more than two decades, it has served as an effective tool to help all parties maintain the integrity and cleanliness of containers when in their care.

Unified Container Inspection and Repair Criteria

The UCIRC details the criteria to be considered in the context of inspection for physical damages or structural deformations of the sea container.

Revision 3 has been updated to make inspection for and removal of visible pest contamination an integral part of the container inspection and dispatch process. It outlines special provisions to inspect for pest contamination at container depots as well as at all other interchange points.

Click here to download the UCIRC criteria. 

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Source: ICS


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