Udupi-Cochin Shipyard’s Impactful Journey

Credit: NYK

Udupi-Cochin Shipyard is spearheading a maritime resurgence on the coast of Karnataka, with recent achievements in shipbuilding, contracts, and regional economic development. The hindu source.

  • Udupi-Cochin Shipyard revives coastal shipbuilding with the successful delivery of a 62-tonne tug for Ocean Sparkle Ltd.
  • The shipyard, under new ownership since 2020, has secured contracts for additional tugs and dry cargo vessels, expanding its maritime capabilities.
  • Udupi CSL’s growth not only benefits shipbuilding but also boosts local employment, with plans to employ 800 personnel by next year, and supports ancillary industries in the region, fostering economic development.

Udupi-Cochin Shipyard Delivers

Udupi-Cochin Shipyard Ltd., a subsidiary of Cochin Shipyard Ltd., has reinvigorated the shipbuilding industry on the coast of Karnataka. The shipyard, under new ownership since 2020, successfully delivered a 62-tonne bollard pull tug to Ocean Sparkle Ltd., a subsidiary of the Adani Group, marking a significant achievement.

A Symbol of Industry Resurgence

This delivery represents the first vessel manufactured and delivered by CSL after its acquisition of the shipyard in September 2020. It signifies the revival of shipbuilding in coastal Karnataka and showcases CSL’s commitment to advancing maritime capabilities in the region.

Expanding Capabilities and Contracts

With Adani Harbour Services Ltd. and Ocean Sparkle Ltd. as prominent tug owners and operators in India, the 62-tonne bollard pull Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) tug is well-equipped for Harbor Towing, Ship Assist, Firefighting, Coastal Towing, and more. Additionally, Udupi CSL has secured contracts for two 70-tonne bollard pull tugs for Polestar Maritime Limited and six 3,800 TDW dry cargo vessels for Wilson ASA in Norway.

Boosting Local Employment and Ancillary Industries

Udupi CSL’s success is not just about shipbuilding; it’s also about boosting the local economy. The shipyard currently employs 450 personnel, with plans to expand to 800 employees by next year. Sixty percent of the workforce is comprised of direct hires from Karnataka, reinforcing the shipyard’s positive impact on the local community. Furthermore, Udupi CSL’s new projects contribute to the growth of ancillary industries in the region, fostering economic development.

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