UFO Over Disneyland: Unraveling The Mystery Of Floating Black Rings

Credit: Brandi Alexandra/ unsplash

The ongoing mystery of the black rings hovering over Disneyland when the night sky turns dewy has long been a source of fascination and speculation for conspiracy theorists and internet hoaxes.

A Glitch In The Matrix?

Could it be a portal to another dimension? A glitch in the matrix? An unexplained flying object hovering over the happiest place on earth? Hyperbolic descriptions of the otherworldly rings range from “ominous” and “disturbing” to “frightening” and “terrifying.”

The truth is far less dramatic – but uniquely Disney. The rapidly dissipating smoke rings are a normal side effect of the flame effects used in nighttime spectacles over Main Street USA and during World of Color, according to Disneyland officials.

Late Night Spectacle

The return of late-night spectacles following the extended pandemic shutdowns of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure has made the rings more conspicuous — and popular fodder for social media posts. The strange sightings over Sleeping Beauty Castle, Splash Mountain and the Incredicoaster are not new. Disneyland fans have noticed the smoke rings for years — especially on dewy nights.

The mesmerizing Disneyland phenomenon gets a boost every time a new viral video of one of the heavenly wormholes gains traction on social media. “I was half expecting an alien portal to open through this ring as we stared up in disbelief,” YouTuber Kyle Hawkins wrote in 2016 after uploading his video of the black rings of Main Street USA.

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