UGS Annual Report 2023-2024


The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) published today its Annual Report for 2023-2024, which highlights the international, European and national perspective of Greek shipping’s vital services.

Greek-owned fleet 

It presents statistics and data in several topics, ranging from the irreplaceable role of shipping in the modern world to the main features of the Greek-owned fleet and its environmental performance.

The relevant data underscore the leading role of Greek shipping for yet another year, as:

  • With a fleet exceeding 5,500 vessels, Greek shipowners control more than 20% of global tonnage, making Greece the largest shipowning nation in the world.
  • Greek shipping also accounts for more than 60% of the EU-controlled fleet. Shipping has a vital contribution to the economic security of the European Union and to the achievement of the Union’s climate targets.
  • Shipping is one of the most climate-friendly transport modes with the lowest cost for the end-consumer. Greek shipowners have been constantly expanding and renewing their fleet with energy efficient vessels fitted with equipment of high environmental performance. The Greek owned fleet is already the largest alternative fuel capable in the world.

Regarding maritime policy, a significant part of this year’s Annual Report discusses the course of shipping towards a sustainable future. The agreement reached at the IMO for shipping to become net-zero close to the middle of this century is undoubtedly a positive step forward and has been warmly welcomed by the Greek and the international shipping community.

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Source: Ugs