UK Security Body Urges North Sea Oil


The UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure has urged North Sea oil and gas operators to step up security at their installations following suspected sabotage of the Baltic Sea Nord Stream pipeline system from Russia, says an article published on Spglobal.

Suspicious incidents

The Center, a coordinating body for various security and defense organizations, noted the “concerning incidents” that have led to a major gas leak from the Nord Stream pipeline.

Security systems

It urged companies to check on security systems and procedures, be vigilant and “report any suspicious incidents or concerns” to contacts at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Unauthorized drones

It also follows sightings of unauthorized drones at both Danish and Norwegian oil and gas platforms in recent days, with Norway’s security forces raising vigilance and surveillance.

Significant supplier

The UK is Western Europe’s second largest oil producer after Norway and a significant supplier of gas to the UK and European markets.

Major pipelines such as the Langeled pipeline bring oil or gas from Norway to the UK beneath the North Sea.

Monitoring equipment

In response to the Nord Stream incident, “CPNI advise that companies ensure their monitoring equipment and security systems are fully operational and that reporting systems and protocols for faults and security incidents are current and working. Companies should also ensure operational resilience and response plans are up to date and ready to be deployed if required,” CPNI said.

Suspicious incidents

“Government would also encourage operators to remain vigilant and report any suspicious incidents or concerns,” it added.

Energy infrastructure

NATO earlier vowed a “united and determined” response in the event of attacks on the energy infrastructure of allied nations.

Platts assessed the Dated Brent benchmark at $89.81/b on Sept. 29, up $1.54/b on the day, according to S&P Global data.

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Source: Spglobal


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