Ukraine Mounts Pressure On Greek Ships To Cease Russian Oil Transport

Credits: Natalya Letunova/Unsplash

These days, four Greek businessmen have been added to the Ukrainian government’s “blacklist” as possible candidates for sanctions, and they join three businessmen with Liberian citizenship.

Sanctioned Corporations

As mentioned, the government of Ukraine maintains a register of people and corporations that have been sanctioned since the beginning of the war with Russia, and additional candidates are added to them. It should be noted that the share of Greek tankers transporting oil from Russia dropped to 40% last month from a peak of 61% in April last year, according to data from the International Finance Institute. The Greek shipowners have repeatedly pointed out the ineffectiveness of the sanctions, with the issue being a significant part of the discussion at many of the conferences, such as last year’s Posidonia conference in Athens.

Burning Issue

One of the burning issues these days is the size of the “shadow” fleet – a fleet of tankers that sail the world’s oceans under the radar, in order to avoid sanctions. According to experts, the scope of the growing phenomenon indicates that the “shadow” tanker fleet amounted to 421 tankers. 

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Source: Timenews


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