UN Drafts Path To Net Zero Emissions For Shipping Industry


  • The 6PAC+ group, comprising small island developing states, advocates for a significant increase in the levy on greenhouse gas emissions to $150 per tonne.
  • This proposal underscores the urgency of reducing emissions within the maritime sector to align with the IMO’s targets.

Experts emphasize the necessity of transitioning to cleaner fuels and enhancing energy efficiency to achieve emission reduction objectives. While biofuels and hydrogen-derived fuels are being explored, challenges related to availability and scalability remain, highlighting the importance of energy efficiency measures.

Proposal for Greenhouse Gas Pricing Mechanisms

The concept of implementing a greenhouse gas levy gains traction as a means to incentivize emission reduction efforts within the shipping industry. This proposed mechanism aims to impose a flat-rate levy on emissions, providing a financial incentive for transitioning to greener practices.

Support from Pacific Nations for Green Transition

Marshall Islands and Fiji voice their support for initiatives aimed at fostering a greener maritime industry. They stress the importance of implementing economic measures that promote sustainability and penalize environmental degradation, aligning with the overarching goal of creating a fair and environmentally sustainable future.

As the IMO outlines potential pathways to achieve net-zero emissions, collaboration among stakeholders and the adoption of effective regulatory frameworks become crucial in driving the maritime industry towards a sustainable future.

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Source: RNZ