Unarmed Russian Fighter Comes Closer to US Naval Ship



A Russian Su-24 aircraft flew past the right side of the guided missile destroyer USS Ross in the Black Sea, as per the video released by the US Navy.  

It shows 6 Russian warplanes coming close to the US vessel when it was 25 miles off the coast of Crimea, before zooming past. The aircraft were not armed and so the incidence is just a routine.  

The story in Russian media is different saying that the  planes forced the warship to head away from Russian territorial waters, whereas the U.S. Navy said that the Ross was in international waters.

The video released by U.S. Naval Forces Europe, one of the Russian planes is shown flying an estimated 500 meters (1,640 feet) off the side of the ship at an altitude of 600 feet.

“We are looking at Russian activities, at the activities of separatists. It’s a serious possibility and a serious danger,” Carter told the BBC in an interview published Monday.