Uni-Tankers Deploys Hybrid Network

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

Danish shipping company Uni-Tankers has completed the migration of its owned fleet to a new hybrid network system, delivered by Marlink, says an article published on Smart maritime network.

Cloud-data access

The new set-up combines hybrid connectivity from VSAT (with L-band backup) and global 4G with cloud-data access, remote IT support, and cyber security monitoring.

Available channel

Services will be managed through Marlink’s XChange platform, including network management and file transfers between ship and shore.

‘Smart routing’ functionality will allow Uni-Tankers’ vessels to send and receive data on the most appropriate available channel and process data onboard at the edge of the network.

Firewall protection

Remote IT support is enabled via Marlink’s ITLink service, while its CyberGuard Threat Detection system will be incorporated to add an extra layer of security to business and crew communications, employing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) set-up and firewall protection.

Higher level of service

“Uni-Tankers’ business is built on high-quality service and long-term relationships, and the safe operation of our vessels has the highest priority of both the company and our people,” said Michael Hust, IT Manager at Uni-Tankers.

“Partnering with Marlink has enabled us to take our fleet operations to a new level, increasing both operational flexibility and safety, which in turn enables us to deliver an even higher level of service to our customers.”

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Source: Smart maritime network