Unifeeder And MPC Container Ships Set Sail For A Greener Future


  • Shipping giants Unifeeder and MPC Container Ships (MPCC) are joining forces to navigate a more sustainable course.
  • Their newly announced collaboration focuses on investing in Energy Efficiency Technology (EET) for their fleets, aiming to reduce emissions and improve overall efficiency.

This partnership is a win-win for both companies. Unifeeder gets closer to achieving its ambitious goal of slashing emissions by 47% by 2030, while also offering its clients ways to minimize their environmental footprint (Scope 3 reductions). Additionally, both parties will benefit from the operational improvements that come with increased efficiency.

Transparency and Measurable Results

The collaboration hinges on a shared investment model. Unifeeder and MPCC will jointly fund the retrofitting of their vessels with cutting-edge EET solutions. To ensure transparency and accountability, a trusted third-party, Vessel Performance Solutions ApS (VPS), will monitor installations and measure the actual efficiency gains achieved.

Targeted Solutions for Significant Impact

The initial wave of solutions will target specific areas for improvement:

  • Variable frequency drives: These intelligent systems will adjust the power output of equipment based on real-time needs, eliminating unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Lubeoil filtration systems: By keeping engine oil cleaner, these systems will optimize engine performance and extend its lifespan.

These initial steps are expected to deliver a significant emissions reduction of over 10%.

Building on a Strong Sustainability Foundation

This new initiative builds upon Unifeeder’s existing commitment to sustainability. They’ve already implemented various programs to reduce their environmental impact, including:

  • Optimizing vessel operations for efficiency
  • Replacing older vessels with cleaner-burning methanol-powered ships (arriving by 2026)
  • Integrating efficiency-enhancing technologies across their existing fleet (silicone coating, biofuels)

Industry-Wide Collaboration for a Greener Future

Unifeeder’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their own operations. As part of DP World’s ‘Our World, Our Future’ strategy, they actively participate in industry-wide initiatives like the Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA). This alliance focuses on accelerating the development and adoption of zero-emission technologies for port handling equipment.

The collaboration between Unifeeder and MPCC is a prime example of progress within the shipping industry. By embracing new technologies and working together, these companies are demonstrating their commitment to a greener future for global trade.

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Source: Port News