Unifeeder Launches ‘GreenBox’ Carbon Insetting Solution


Unifeeder introduces ‘GreenBox’, a new carbon insetting solution aimed at decarbonizing the seaborne sections of supply chains. This initiative is part of Unifeeder’s broader sustainability strategy to reduce emissions by 47% by 2030 and help customers meet their Scope 3 reduction targets.

How GreenBox Works

GreenBox tracks shipments using alternative fuels and generates tokens for each ton of carbon saved. These tokens, or ‘insets’, can be purchased by customers for sustainability reporting. The proceeds are reinvested into buying more alternative fuels, fostering a cycle of decarbonization. The initiative follows Smart Freight Center and Clean Cargo Initiative guidelines, with verification by Bureau Veritas.

Meeting Industry Demand

Unifeeder’s Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Gaard Christiansen, highlights the growing demand for emissions reduction solutions in supply chains. GreenBox facilitates a decarbonization cycle, increasing the use of alternative fuels and advancing the industry’s overall decarbonization process. Unifeeder plans to generate around 25,000 tokens in 2024’s introductory phase.

Broader Sustainability Efforts

Beyond GreenBox, Unifeeder is enhancing its sustainability initiatives by improving fuel efficiency and optimizing vessel operations. The company is transitioning to methanol-powered ships, expected to reduce 15,000 tCO2 emissions annually per vessel by 2026. These efforts are complemented by various efficiency-enhancing modifications across its fleet.

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