Union Maritime Leads Shipping Industry With Cutting-Edge Wind Propulsion Technology


Union Maritime is pioneering the global shipping industry’s transition to wind propulsion technology. Partnering with BAR Technologies, the company is deploying WindWings®, a cutting-edge rigid sail technology, across its fleet to achieve substantial fuel and CO2 savings without compromising operational excellence.

Significant Environmental and Economic Benefits

Union Maritime’s integration of WindWings® on 34 newbuild vessels, including LR2s, chemical tankers, and MRs, underscores its commitment to sustainability. This technology offers daily fuel savings of 1.5 tonnes per wing and significant CO2 reductions, providing both environmental benefits and economic incentives through reduced fuel costs.

Commitment to Operational Excellence and Sustainability

The adoption of wind propulsion aligns with Union Maritime’s ambitious sustainability goals while maintaining high standards of service. The company ensures that the new technology enhances efficiency and speed without compromising quality, reflecting a balanced approach to innovation and operational performance.

Strategic Investment and Future Initiatives

Union Maritime is finalizing a strategic equity investment in BAR Technologies, demonstrating a long-term commitment to wind propulsion and sustainable shipping. Alongside WindWings®, the company is introducing dual-fuel LNG engines and BAR Technologies’ AeroBridge® superstructure to further improve efficiency and crew comfort, reinforcing its leadership in environmental shipping solutions

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Source: BAR Technologies