Unveiling Eris: The COVID Variant Update and Essential Self-Protection Measures

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A new COVID-19 variant has emerged once again, this one being EG.5.1., nicknamed “Eris“. Eris Variant Emerges in US and UK Amidst Rising COVID-19 Cases, Dominates Infections at 17.3%: August 5th Update

What is the new COVID variant Eris?

EG.5.1, nicknamed “Eris,” is a subvariant of Omicron. Over the past week, it has become the most prominent form of COVID-19, accounting for 17.3% of new cases. Arcturus, another Omicron variant, trails behind at 15.6% of new cases.

Symptoms of new COVID variant Eris

The symptoms of Eris are similar to those of Omicron, according to Zoe Health Study, a COVID-monitoring organization. The most common symptoms of Eris include:

  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Changes to sense of smell

How to protect yourself and others from new COVID variant Eris?


  • Wearing a quality mask that blocks ingestion of COVID-19 molecules remains the most effective way to protect yourself from the virus.
  • N95  masks filter 95% of airborne particles, including the ones responsible for the transmission of COVID-19.
  • When buying these masks off the web, make sure to verify that they’re legitimate, as there are many fakes out there.

An air purifier

  • An air purifier can remove harmful air particles from your home.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this includes COVID-19 particles by way of using HEPA filters. Fortunately, the best air purifier we’ve tested, the Blueair Blue Pure 311i Max, has a quality HEPA filter.
  • Not only does this purifier boast excellent filtering, but it’s quiet, simple to use and has a washable filter.

Hand sanitizer

  • COVID-19 can spread when you touch your mouth, nose or eyes after coming in contact with a surface contaminated by viral droplets.
  • Therefore, another way to keep yourself safe from Eris is to diligently wash your hands using a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Disinfectant wipes

You can also opt to decontaminate surfaces by using a disinfectant wipe. Consider wiping down surfaces that are touched often such as doorknobs, remote controls and light switches.

A thermometer

  • If you start to feel under the weather, it’s important to monitor your symptoms.
  • The first thing you should do is use a thermometer to see if you’re running a fever.
  • One of the best thermometers you can buy is Femometer’s digital infrared thermometer. It delivers accurate readings and features a high-temperature warning.


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Source: USA Today


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