[Update] Modern Express -May Hit Coast By Tuesday


A specialised team along with a Spanish tug tried to tow the cargo ship near Gironde coast, but was unsuccessful because of bad weather on Friday (January 29), the maritime prefecture of the Atlantic said.

Authorities say:

  • Maritime expert believe it’s not possible to straighten the ship at this stage
  • Likely scenario would be to gently bring the ship aground onto a soft sandy beach and then have it dismantled and cleaned up
  • The French navy had sent a specialised anti-pollution ship as a precaution to join French frigate

The maritime prefecture said there may be a window of opportunity on Monday (February 1) morning to tow the ship.

If that fails, it’s expected to end up by Tuesday night on a sandy beach in the Landes, south of Bordeaux.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Source: Euronews


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