Updates from the Port Authority of Valencia Board Meeting


The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) Board of Directors has approved an agreement with CNH2 (C.N.E. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) to advance hydrogen research, technological development, and its implementation in the Valencian docks. This agreement continues the authorization for the use of a 446m² area in the north dock ‘Xità’ for operating a pilot hydrogen refueling station, currently serving vehicles from Mediterranean Shipping Company Terminal Valencia, S.A. (MSC) and Valencia Terminal Europa, S.A. (VTE). These operations are part of the European H2PORTS project, funded by the European Commission.

Financial Performance

The PAV’s consolidated annual accounts have received unqualified approval from the General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE). Valenciaport closed 2023 with a positive result of over 26 million euros and a turnover of 141.3 million euros, reflecting a 0.80% decrease from 2022 due to reductions in ship, cargo, and activity rates.

Logistics and Infrastructure Development

The Board has delegated authority to Mar Chao, president of the PAV, to approve amendments and extensions of agreements related to the “rail access to the Port of Sagunto” and improvements on the Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza line. Additionally, the Board ratified the transactional agreement between Arcelor Mittal España S.A. and the PAV regarding the Port of Sagunto concession, maintaining the system of bonuses as per theMre Council of State’s opinion.

Collaborations and Agreements

The Board approved the extension of the agreement between the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and the PAV for the Valenciaport Chair of Logistics-Port Innovation. Furthermore, the PAV has adhered to the agreement between the Secretary of State for Security and Puertos del Estado for installing border control equipment in Spanish ports, under the European Entry and Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

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Source: Valenciaport