Urea Carrier Caught in Fire



Incident : Fire in Vessel
Vessel name : OTONG KOSASIH
Incident Date : September 20
Place : Kalidoni Palembang, South Sumatra
Casualties : No casualties

The superstructure of Urea carrier docked in Kalidoni Palembang, South Sumatra caught fire at around 1000 LT Sep 20.  

The Fire was reported to have started in one of the cabins and spread up to other floors, engulfing captain’s cabin and threatening the bridge.  The 28 crew members onboard the vessel moved safely to shore.

Nearly five fire trucks and four tug boats were involved in fighting the fire.  It almost took three hours to extinguish the fire, which was due an electrical short circuit in technician room.  Still the actual cause of the incident is under investigation.

Source: Marine Link


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