Urgency In Securing Pilot Ladders: IMPA Safety Campaign Highlights Vital Measures


  • The IMPA Safety Campaign highlights the importance of adhering to SOLAS regulations and ISO standards for pilot transfer arrangements, emphasizing the need to secure pilot ladders at intermediate length.
  • Despite ongoing non-compliance trends, proposed amendments by the IMO aim to enhance safety standards, but immediate attention to existing regulations is crucial.

The 2023 IMPA Safety Campaign reveals a continued trend of non-compliance, with pilot ladders being a major concern. Over sixteen percent non-compliance rate persists, with pilot ladder observations constituting more than fifty percent of non-compliant reports.

Proposed Amendments and Future Safety Measures

Captain Adam Roberts underscores the significance of proposed amendments to SOLAS regulation V/23 by the IMO. These amendments aim to enhance safety standards for pilot transfer arrangements, addressing critical aspects such as mandatory requirements, quality management systems, and standards alignment with ISO 799.

Immediate Actions and Recommendations

While awaiting changes expected by 2028, IMPA stresses immediate compliance with existing regulations. They advocate for adherence to SOLAS regulation V/23 and ISO 799 standards, urging against non-compliant arrangements and trapdoor configurations. Recommendations include relying on reputable manufacturers, third-party certification, and prioritizing timely equipment replacement for enhanced safety at sea.

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Source: Safety4sea