US Container Imports Surge In January: 15.6% YoY Growth From Major Asian Countries


  • In January 2024, the United States experienced a robust increase in container imports from ten major Asian countries, reaching 1.65 million TEUs, indicating a significant 15.6% year-on-year growth.
  • China led the imports with a 19.9% surge, followed by South Korea and Vietnam. The overall US imports totaled 2.27 million TEUs, reflecting a 9.9% YoY increase.
  • Notably, Japan recorded a remarkable 42% surge in imports, securing the eighth position among the Asian countries.

January 2024 witnessed a substantial surge in container imports to the United States from key Asian nations, revealing positive trends and potential shifts in trade dynamics. The notable growth in volumes highlights the resilience and expansion of the global supply chain.

Overall Growth

Container volumes from ten major Asian countries to the US reached 1.65 million TEUs in January, showcasing a robust 15.6% increase compared to the previous year.

China’s Dominance

Among these imports, China emerged as the primary contributor, totaling 979,359 TEUs and experiencing a significant 19.9% increase from the previous year.

Regional Contributions

South Korea secured the second position with a substantial 22% jump to 192,399 TEUs, followed by Vietnam, which recorded a noteworthy 21.6% increase to 153,949 TEUs.

Taiwan and Singapore

Taiwan’s imports grew by 4.3% to 77,043 TEUs, while Singapore experienced a 7.6% decrease, reaching 61,871 TEUs, placing it fifth among the top contributors.

Japan’s Surge

Japan recorded a remarkable surge in imports, growing by 42% to 33,779 TEUs, securing the eighth position among the major Asian countries.

Pre-Pandemic Trends (2019)

Container imports from China, including Hong Kong and those transshipped via South Korea, totaled 10.87 million TEUs in 2019. While experiencing a slight decrease to 10.85 million TEUs in 2023, China maintained a robust trade volume with the US.

Southeast Asian Nations

In contrast, imports from four Southeast Asian nations (Vietnam, India, Thailand, and Malaysia) surged by 43.6%, rising from 2.19 million TEUs in 2019 to 3.14 million TEUs in 2023. This substantial growth indicates a notable shift in trade patterns and preferences.

The January 2024 data on US container imports from major Asian countries underscores the resilience and adaptability of global trade dynamics. The notable contributions from China, along with the remarkable surge in imports from South Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, suggest evolving trends that industry stakeholders may closely monitor for strategic decision-making and forecasting.

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Source: Container News