US Government Database Hacked; Data Of 21.5 Million Stolen



Personal data of about 21.5 million people was stolen in a hacking incident.  Among the people whose information was stolen include federal contractors, government job applicants and millions of people associated with the government.

The finger of suspicion was pointed at the Chinese.  But the Chinese government has denied any involvement in the hacking.  The number of people affected by this is five times more than what was earlier thought.

Both Republicans and Democrats have called for the sacking of OPM boss Katherine Archuleta.  The breached has led to a number of hearings in the Congress and the state of US cyber defences has come under severe attack.  

John Boehner, a Republican and also the Speaker of  the House of Representatives said, “President Barack Obama must take a strong stand against incompetence in his administration and instill new leadership at OPM”.

Criminal records, health and financial information and the names and addresses of government employees and their relatives are among the data which was stolen by the hackers.

James Clapper, US Intelligence Chief has directly named China as the main suspect in the incident.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State  said, “China was trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America”.

Chinese have stated US claims as “irresponsible and unscientific”.

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