US Has Crossed The ‘Pandemic Phase’, Says Fauci


A recent news article published in the Fox News states that, according to Fauci, US is ‘certainly’ out of the ‘pandemic phase’.

Moving past the corona virus pandemic

After three years, the United States might be soon moving past the coronavirus pandemic, according to the country’s leading infectious disease expert.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been the mouthpiece for the government’s coronavirus response across two presidential administrations, said during an interview on Tuesday that the U.S. was “certainly” out of the pandemic stage, though he cautioned that the larger, global pandemic was still ongoing.

“We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase,” Dr. Fauci said during an interview with PBS NewsHour Judy Woodruff, according to a transcript of the interview.

Fauci’s answer came immediately after he was initially asked, “How close are we to the end of this pandemic?” He called that an “unanswerable question.”

Full-blown Covid -19 pandemic is over

“We don’t have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level right now,” Fauci added. “So, if you’re saying, are we out of the pandemic phase in this country, we are.”

The president’s chief medical advisor then followed his answer up by saying that the U.S. was “not going to eradicate this virus” and that the government should continue to “intermittently vaccinate people,” per the transcript.

He suggested that people may have to get vaccinated yearly and “longer” than they might expect in an effort to keep infections as low as possible.

“That might be every year, that might be longer, in order to keep that level low. But, right now, we are not in the pandemic phase in this country,” he repeated.

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Source: Fox News


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