US Navy Thwarts Iranian Tanker Seizure

Credit: Chris Pagan/Unsplash

The Iranian Navy’s attempts to seize two commercial tankers in the Gulf of Oman were thwarted by a US Navy destroyer in two separate incidents, as published in Riviera.

Seizure of commercial tankers

In two separate incidents in international waters, the US Navy intervened to prevent the seizure of commercial tankers by the Iranian Navy. The first incident involved the Iranian naval vessel approaching the Marshall Islands-flagged oil tanker TRF Moss, but the Iranian vessel fled upon the arrival of the US Navy destroyer USS McFaul. In the second incident, another Iranian naval vessel approached the Bahama-flagged oil tanker Richmond Voyager and came under gunfire. However, the USS McFaul arrived in time to chase away the Iranian vessel, with no casualties or significant damage reported on the tanker.

Nuclear treaty 

The recent incidents involving the Iranian Navy attempting to seize commercial tankers add to a series of similar events that have occurred since 2021. The Richmond Voyager, a 319,398-dwt tanker, owned by Replica Marine and commercially managed by Chevron Transport, was targeted in one of the incidents. These incidents follow the seizure of two tankers in May, including Chevron’s Advantage Sweet. The tensions in shipping lanes in the Middle East have been on the rise since the US withdrew from the joint comprehensive plan of Action nuclear treaty in 2018 and reimposed sanctions on Iran.

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Source: Riviera


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