US-WHO Ties Come To An End Over COVID-19 Response!


President Trump announces end of US relationship with World Health Organisation (WHO), a move he has threatened throughout the coronavirus pandemic, reports WSLS 10News.

End of relationship

President Donald Trump during a news conference on Friday afternoon announced the end of the United States’ relationship with the WHO World Health Organization. 

This was the  move he has threatened throughout the coronavirus pandemic and the one that earned quick criticisms.

Reason stated for the exit

Trump said he made this decision because :

  • The group failed to make the requested coronavirus reforms.
  • Chinese officials “ignored” their reporting obligations to the WHO and pressured the WHO to mislead the world when the virus was first discovered.

About financial contributions

He noted that the U.S. contributes about $450 million to the world body while China provides about $40 million.

Impact of the exit

The U.S. is the largest source of financial support to the WHO. Its exit is expected to significantly weaken the organization. 

Trump said the U.S. would be “redirecting” the money to “other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs,” without providing specifics.

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Source: WSLS


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