USCG Recieves Increasing Applications for BWMS Type Approval


  • USCGS receives an application for type approval for the Microfade II BWMS.
  • If the application demands are met the type approval is provided.
  • Till now, USCGS has received 29 applications so far and the count is expected to increase.
  • It has granted type approval for 24 companies.

According to an article published in Safety4sea, US Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center has received an application for type approval for the Microfade II Ballast Water Management System.

Request for type approval

The water management system is manufactured by Kuraray Co., Ltd. MSC will review the application for compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations in 46 CFR 162.060. Once it has been determined that the application meets the requirements, the MSC will issue a type approval certificate.

USCG received its last application for a type approval during February, for the TPS-BLUEsys Ballast Water Management System manufactured by Malaysian Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Increasing applications for type approval

  • In late December, the USCG received two applications for BWMS Type Approval by US-based Hyde Marine Inc. and Japanese Miura Co., Ltd.
  • It was in August when the USCG Marine Safety Center received its 29th application for type approval for the BAWAT Ballast Water Management System Mk2 manufactured by BAWAT A/S.
  • Earlier in August, the Coast Guard received the 28th application for BWTS type approval for the SeaCURE Ballast Water Management System, by Evoqua Water Technologies Ltd.
  • In the first days of July, the Coast Guard received the 27th application for BWTS type approval for the EcoGuardian Ballast Water Treatment System.
  • In June received its 26th application for the Blue Ocean Shield BWMS manufactured by COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
  • In early May, it received its 25th application from the HK-(E)C BWMS manufactured by Miura Co., Ltd.

Companies that have obtained type approval

  • HANLA IMS Co., Ltd.
  • Miura Co., Ltd.
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.
  • COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Co.
  • Alfa Laval Tumba AB,
  • Wärtsilä Water Systems, Ltd.
  • DESMI Ocean Guard A/S (Denmark)
  • Envirocleanse, LLC (USA)
  • De Nora (USA)
  • Panasia (Republic of Korea)
  • JFE Engineering Corporation (Japan)
  • Headway Technology (People’s Republic of China)
  • Alfa Laval (Sweden)
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries (Korea)
  • Wärtsilä Water Systems (England)
  • BIO-UV Group (France)
  • Samsung Heavy Industries Co (Republic of Korea)
  • Techcross (Republic of Korea)
  • Optimarin (Norway)
  • TeamTec Ocean Saver (Norway)
  • Sunrui (China)
  • Ecochlor (USA)
  • Erma First (Greece)
  • Alfa Laval Tumba and Cathelco Ltd.

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Source: Safety4sea


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