USPA Aims Net-zero Carbon Emissions By 2023


USPA Nationwide Security has reached its highest level to date in their 5-year journey to get to zero carbon emissions, reports Globe Newswire.

Net zero: Important goal for USPA

The international security conglomerate attained a platinum level this week; an accomplishment that the firm’s top brass has invested a considerable amount of time, energy and money into.

Net zero is an important goal for USPA as it’s the best way we can do our part to help tackle climate change,” said Danial Manning, CEO. The firm just invested in EV’s to replace their fleet of patrol vehicles used for security guard services and fire watch across the U.S.

We’ve also invested in research and development to help offset the need for patrol vehicles in our new autonomous (drone) technology division which will launch next month.”

Green partnerships

The firm contracted with former CEO, Michael Evans, who operates Michael Evans Consulting, a firm dedicated to research, development and streamlining of security and private military companies across the globe.

What we do in the next few years to limit emissions will be critical to our children’s futures,” said Brian Fitzgibbons, USPA’s Vice President. The firm has sought the assistance of green energy consultants and have partnered with the Green Business Bureau as a third-party measurement of their progress to help the environment.

USPA Nationwide Security has been a paperless company for 10+ years, while their parent company, USPA International is nearly paperless, still using timesheets in some locations, which they will eliminate by year’s end.

Enabling minimum carbon footprint

Michael Evans, who is contracted for research and development for USPA, has helped bring to market an autonomous technology of drones that operate without human direction.

USPA is responsible for the protection of large areas. The use of AI drones to patrol, record and report back to their operations center, enables the maximum of coverage with a minimum carbon footprint. A prime example is their superyacht protective division in the Bahamas. The drones provide an ariel radius surveillance for miles in the ocean to help protect the vessel. Traditionally, this was done, utilizing auxiliary patrol vessels.”

USPA’s green activities, in pursuit of its ambition of zero emissions, are further supported by its investment into research and development that are aligned with targets in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

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Source: Globe Newswire


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