V.Group Sets Sail with Global Marine Travel Acquisition, Doubling Travel Operations

Credit: Pok Rie/Pexels

Inchcape Shipping Services has sold Global Marine Travel (ISS GMT) to V.Group, the prominent global marine services provider, as reported by Hellenic Shipping.

Travel operations and customer satisfaction

V.Group has acquired GMT, merging it with its existing travel division, V.Travel, to enhance its global travel operations and customer satisfaction. This addition doubles ticketing volumes, strengthens management, and establishes a new operational hub in the Philippines. Both companies will eventually operate under the GMT brand. This acquisition aligns with V.Group’s strategy of inorganic growth and demonstrates its commitment to transforming the marine industry. The combined resources of V.Group, V.Travel, and GMT will create a leading platform for simplifying the seafarer journey and align with V.Group’s digital initiative, ‘Project Embark,’ aimed at enhancing the seafarer experience.

Scaling up the industry 

V.Group is pleased with the partnership that enables them to expand their travel business, invest in technology, and attract top talent. They believe that scaling up in the maritime services industry provides advantages in terms of systems, people, purchasing power, and service capabilities. The partnership with GMT strengthens its position and allows them to deliver optimal solutions and competitive prices to customers. The combined expertise of GMT and V.Travel enhances their ability to serve the maritime travel sector globally, around the clock. The additional resources and capacity will play a crucial role in transforming the seafarer’s journey while maintaining excellent global standards for GMT customers.

Service agreement

V.Group is divesting its V.Ships Agency business to Inchcape while establishing a service agreement to form a partnership with Inchcape, a global leader in port agency. This move aims to enhance the ship agency platform and improve the overall customer experience. Both companies see this as a mutually beneficial arrangement, with V.Group joining Inchcape as the world’s leading agency business. Inchcape’s CEO expresses confidence in V.Group’s ability to manage the GMT travel business effectively. Simultaneously, Inchcape aims to enhance services for agency and travel customers through the acquisition of V.Ships Agency. The partnership is expected to set a new standard of collaboration, focused on continual service improvement and operational efficiencies in the marine support services market.


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Source: Hellenic Shipping