Vacationing Captains Can Remotely Control Drone Ships in Ocean



Vacationing Captains can remotely control drone ships in ocean using radar, laser navigation and computers.  Shore-based captains can take over only if there is a problem or for docking.

Rolls-Royce presents a vision of a future land-based control centre in which a small crew of 7 to 14 people monitor and control a fleet of remote controlled and autonomous vessels across the world.  The crew uses interactive smart screens, voice recognition systems, holograms and surveillance drones to monitor what is happening both on board and around the ship.

Remote and autonomous ships are one of three elements of the company’s innovative Ship Intelligence strategy, which will enable customers to transform their marine businesses by harnessing the power of big data.

Rolls-Royce, the aircraft engine maker, has envisioned that within this decade drone ships will be plying the sea lanes  remotely controlled without crews onboard.

“This is happening.  It is not a question of if, it is a question of when,” said Rolls-Royce’s Oskar Levander, head of innovation for Rolls’s marine unit.

He predicted that the new system could turn ships into a seaborne version of car service Uber, radically changing the shipping sector.  The disruptive effect is likely to be similar to that industry.

Who are all involved ?

Mfame published an article about Inmarsat Entering Unmanned Ship Project Arena to provide satellite communications link and platform that will form an integral part of remote control capability.

In another article Mfame presented how Drone ships are set To rule the seas In one or two decades.

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Source: Rolls Royce


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