Valencia Container Freight Index (VCFI) Dips in June


  • VCFI dipped 1.3% in June but remains positive year-to-date (27.8% growth).
  • This decline is despite a projected stable global economy (2.6% growth) and recent rise in container traffic, suggesting the VCFI may not fully capture the current market.

The Valencia Containerized Freight Index (VCFI), a measure of export prices from the Port of Valencia to various regions, saw a small decline in June 2024. Despite the 1.3% decrease compared to May, the VCFI remains up 27.8% year-to-date.

Uneven Performance Across Regions

The VCFI’s decline masked uneven performance across geographical areas. The Western Mediterranean sub-index fell by 3.67%, while the Far East area witnessed a steeper drop of 13.82%. This decrease in the Far East is attributed to reduced container traffic in China.

Positive Economic Outlook

The VCFI’s dip might not reflect the full picture. The World Bank’s June 2024 Global Economic Prospects report indicates a stabilizing global economy, despite ongoing geopolitical tensions and high interest rates. This positive outlook is further supported by a recent rise in global container traffic, suggesting potential future growth for the maritime sector.

Looking Ahead

While the VCFI shows a slight decline in June, the broader economic picture paints a more optimistic picture. The combination of a stabilizing global economy and increasing container traffic suggests potential for growth in the maritime sector in the coming months.

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Source: Valencia Port