Vessels Collide Sinking Container Ship, Taicang Port Blocked


On November 26, a container ship was involved in a collision with a cargo vessel near the Shanghai Channel fairway.

What happened?

The container ship ‘Hua Yuan 9999’, collided with a cargo ship ‘PUHUI1’ in Taicang area, near Shanghai Channel fairway.

The collision resulted in the sinking of the container ship and eleven containers onboard the tanker went along with the vessel.

Crew safe

The crew members onboard the container vessel were reported to be safe and were safely rescued from the sinking vessel.

Search on for missing container

The traffic on the freeway was suspended, and Taicang port blocked, because of floating containers as it was understood that some containers were reported to be loaded with dangerous materials.

The port officials have initiated operations to recover the containers floating at Sea.

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Source: Fleetmon


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