Viasea Banks $15m To Build Hydrogen-Fuelled Container Ships


Norwegian shipowner Viasea Shipping plans to add low-emissions ships to the company fleet, reads an official release.

Low-emissions ships

Viasea Shipping is building two hydrogen-powered container ships. Once completed, these ships will be deployed on routes between Norway and northern Europe.

The vessel concept is designed for exceptionally low energy consumption, combining new, emissions-free technologies such as green hydrogen and rotor sails, which use nature’s renewable energy.

The shipping line is getting a helping hand from the Norwegian state for the acquisition of both ships with Enova, a division of the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment that funds technologies aiding the energy transition committing Nkr171.8M (US$15.4M) towards the acquisition of both box ships.

Hydrogen refuelling is initially planned in Norway, and as the fuel becomes commercially available elsewhere along the planned route, it is hoped the ships will be able to operate entirely without diesel.

At the start, the combination of hydrogen and diesel operation will result in a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared with an equivalent diesel-powered vessel. With 100% hydrogen operation, the ship will be emissions-free.

Best sea freight option

Viasea Shipping said its founding vision has been to provide the best sea freight option compared to road freight, considering environmental impact, time and cost. The latest strategy, with plans to build the two new ships, emphasises the environmental aspect of sea freight.

Viasea Shipping managing director Morten Pettersen said the company is betting on green hydrogen to “revolutionise” sea transport in Europe. “Since founding Viasea Shipping seven years ago, the goal has been to deliver more sustainable transport to the market. First, as a greener alternative to road transport, and now with a focus on zero-emissions maritime transport in Europe. This is our first step,” he said.

Viasea Shipping engaged The Norwegian Ship Design Company to develop zero-emissions ships which are designed to be powered by hydrogen and wind. The shortsea container ship concept is based on a scaled-up idea developed under the designation ’Powered by Nature,’ which the company has developed in collaboration with another Norwegian shipowner, Egil Ulvan Rederi.

Through our investments in innovative technology, we are not only leading in the transport industry but also setting a bold example of how logistics can offer customers innovative and sustainable solutions, forming the basis for a sustainable future” added Viasea Shipping sustainability advisor, ColliCare Group, Rohit Sharma.

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Source: Viasea