Vietnam Oil tanker Arrested Over Illegal Diesel Oil

Credits: Ojas Narappanawar/ Pexels

The Vietnam Coast Guard on 2 May said it arrested oil tanker HP- 5725 at the sea bordering between Hai Phong and Thai Binh on 30 April., says an article published on Manifold times.

Administrative inspections

A patrol boat belonging to theCoast Guard Region 1 Command discovered the tanker displaying several suspicious signs and ordered the fishing vessel to stop for administrative inspections.

An initial investigation found the ship, which had three crew members on board, to be transporting about 12,000 litres of diesel oil and 60,000 kg of oil, suspected to be fuel oil, with no documents proving its legal origin.

Escorted the vessel

According to the crew, the oil was purchased while on the way to Hai Phong.

As such, the authorities made a record of administrative violations and escorted the vessel to Cat Hai, Hai Phong for further investigations and handling in accordance with the law.

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Source: Manifoldtimes