Visibility Vital To Improve Data Reliability in Box Shipping, Says DCSA


Creating visibility to improve data reliability is important in container shipping, reports DCSA.

Enabling supply chain continuity

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, 90% percent of world trade is carried out through ships. Since the pandemic, average global schedule reliability for container shipping is below 40%, which has had a direct effect on the global economy. While delays can’t be prevented entirely, the ability to proactively notify cargo owners of delays would enable shippers and their consignees to prepare for the “unexpected” by making alternative operational plans.

Enabling supply chain continuity means that shippers need to be informed and in control of what’s happening to their shipments. DCSA conducted a survey of North American logistics decisionmakers in shipper organisations who confirmed that visibility is key to deciding which carrier they will use. Over 80% of the respondents used multiple suppliers for ocean transport and 69% reported varying satisfaction levels with different shipping suppliers.

Over 70% of survey participants said they would likely switch to a carrier that offered:

  • High schedule reliability
  • Guaranteed arrival times
  • Proactive communication around exceptions and better responsiveness

A lack of communication is a lack of visibility 

There are currently limited pathways for digitised data to travel freely across the end-to-end supply chain. Messages are blocked as systems and modes of transportation change and geographical borders are crossed. As a result, there are huge “blind spots” along the container journey that no proprietary solution is likely to resolve.

DCSA digital standards for container shipping 

The purpose of DCSA is to establish digital standards that will enable the interoperability of technology solutions across the end-to-end supply chain. This will provide a foundation for industry-wide digitalisation along the lines of what exists in banking, telco and the airlines.

By working towards the widespread adoption of standards, DCSA’s aim is to advance the industry in terms of visibility, real-time responsiveness and as a result, greater reliability and a better customer experience.

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Source: DCSA