Shanghai Disney Resort: Covid Lockdown With Visitors


The Disney Resort in Shanghai immediately stopped operating on Monday to comply with Covid-19 prevention procedures. All guests were instructed to remain within the park until the virus test results returned negative.

Limited offers 

According to the source, the major theme park and its surroundings, including its commercial strip, will be instantly closed until further notice at 11:39 a.m. local time (11:39 p.m. ET) to adhere to viral limits.

On its official WeChat account, the Shanghai government said that the park was closed to tourists and that everyone inside would need to wait for the results of their tests before they could leave.

It stated that anyone who had been to the park since October 27 would need to take three Covid-19 tests in three days.

For guests stranded in the park on Monday during the closure, the theme park continued to run rides, according to social media users.

A representative for the Shanghai Disney Resort stated that the resort was still running “limited offers” and that they were taking precautions by Chinese health officials’ recommendations.

The resort announced on Saturday that it had begun operations with a smaller staff to abide by Covid regulations.

Mandatory Covid test

For October 30, Shanghai recorded 10 locally transmitted cases, all of which, according to the city, involved unwell individuals.

The Shanghai Disney Resort has just experienced a setback after being closed for more than three months earlier this year during Shanghai’s lockdown.

More than 30,000 tourists were trapped within the park for two days in November of last year after authorities demanded that every single one of them be tested as part of a contact tracing exercise.

On Monday, videos that were going viral on China’s Weibo site showed individuals rushing to the park’s gates, which were already closed.

Virus transmission 

When asked how many people were inside, the Shanghai Disney Resort did not comment, and Reuters could not confirm the videos’ veracity.

As part of the nation’s stringent zero-tolerance policy toward Covid-19, local authorities throughout China have continued to enact jarring and harsh measures to prevent any prospect of virus transmission once cases are reported.

The country’s capital city of Beijing’s Universal Resort reopened on Monday following a five-day suspension brought on by virus prevention measures as well.

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Source: CNN


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