Viswa Lab Launches VEEMS, a Real Time Data Augmentation Energy Efficiency Tool



Viswa Lab announced today a fully developed and market-ready product for the marine industry.  This system was originally introduced in 2014 and has been undergoing incremental improvements and robust testing to meet or surpass all known IMO and EU regulations.

VEEMS Onboard uses ships data from the Engine Room, the Bridge, and integrating it with satellite data, it communicates with Ship’s Management and Shore Operations.  Using Trim & Draught, Fuel, Power/Torque, Thrust, Navigation Data, Wind, Speed and Wave/Swell data.

VEEMS recommends Fuel Management, provides Engine Operational Efficiency, and makes Reporting & Data Management, an easy user friendly and technically advanced function.  The system provides a seamless collaboration between Ship Operations and Shore Management to deliver Hull & Propeller monitoring plus Speed, Voyage & Trim Optimization.  Fuel savings of about 20% can be realized using the optimized sailing parameters.

At the Heidmar conference (March 14-15) Mr. Sriram (713-842-1985) and Ms. Kalpana (713-906-8793) will be available to meet and discuss this leading-edge innovation, or you can speak with them to arrange for a demo. Information is also available on  Mr. Amitava (+65) 6778-7975 or email: [email protected], is available in our Singapore office for services to the Asia-Pacific region.

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