VLCC Tanker Encounter Heavy Seas, 2 Crew Dead


VLCC tanker Chief Officer and Bosun killed by wave in Drake Passage, reports Fleetmon.

Crude tanker in heavy seas

Crude oil tanker ARAFURA encountered heavy seas in Drake Passage on Sep 10-12, while en route from Porto do Acu Brazil to Long Beach USA. Two crew members were injured while performing their job, tanker contacted MRCC Punta Arenas and reported medical emergency requiring medevac.

Rendezvous was appointed, tanker met Chilean Navy ships PSG 78 SIBBALD and OPV 83 MARINERO FUENTEALBA on Sep 12, injured seamen were medevaced. Tanker resumed her voyage and as of 0900 UTC Sep 14, she was sailing in the Pacific along Chilean coast, still in bad weather.

Crew dead

According to Indian sources, Chief Officer and Bosun were injured and died from injures, they’ve been checking compartments in forecastle area, and were hit by wave in the process. Both were of Indian nationality. Information not yet confirmed.

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Source: Fleetmon


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