Voice Of The Crew Survey: Empowering Seafarers To Shape The Maritime Industry


  • RightShip, a leading maritime due diligence platform, is dedicated to enhancing the safety, security, and overall well-being of seafarers.
  • Recognizing seafarers as the lifeblood of the maritime industry, RightShip has launched the ‘Voice of the Crew’ survey to gather direct insights from seafarers themselves.
  • This unique initiative aims to understand seafarers’ concerns, priorities, and experiences while at sea, ultimately shaping the future of the maritime industry.

RightShip’s commitment to seafarer well-being is deeply embedded in its core values and operations. Through initiatives like the RightShip Code of Conduct and the Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Questionnaire, RightShip promotes high standards of crew welfare across the industry. The self-assessment, adopted by numerous companies covering thousands of vessels, has identified areas of success and areas needing improvement, highlighting the importance of continuous efforts to enhance seafarer conditions.

Launch of the ‘Voice of the Crew’ Survey

The ‘Voice of the Crew’ survey seeks to give seafarers a platform to express their opinions and experiences confidentially and anonymously. It aims to uncover what matters most to seafarers, what enhances their lives at sea, and what contributes to their happiness. Open to all seafarers regardless of rank, nationality, or vessel type, the survey provides an opportunity for seafarers to shape the future of the maritime industry.

Call to Action

RightShip encourages all seafarers to participate in the survey, as their responses will inform advocacy efforts with key stakeholders and promote best practices in the industry. The survey results will be used to improve existing initiatives like the Code of Conduct and Crew Welfare Self-Assessment Questionnaire, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in seafarer well-being.

By actively engaging with seafarers through initiatives like the ‘Voice of the Crew’ survey, RightShip underscores its commitment to promoting a maritime industry that prioritizes the safety, security, and happiness of its most valuable asset: the seafarers. Seafarers’ voices matter, and together, they can make a difference in shaping a brighter future for the maritime industry.

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Source: Rightship