Volatile Security Situation In Israeli Ports


  • The geopolitical tensions in Israel and Gaza, as well as the surrounding sea areas, have led to a volatile security situation.
  • Port operations in Israel continue to function as normal despite the ongoing conflict and Iran’s recent airstrike against Israel.
  • However, authorities have implemented strict entry procedures for ships carrying hazardous materials.

Temporary Navigation Warnings

There are ongoing GPS signal disruptions in Israeli ports and along the coast, which are expected to persist in the near future. Ship operators trading to Israeli ports should be prepared to handle these disruptions and implement plans for safe navigation.

Security Measures and Recommendations

Given the volatile security situation, ship operators are advised to assess risks for each port call on a case-by-case basis. Frequent checks with local sources of information, such as agents and local authorities, are recommended to stay updated on the latest security information. Following advice from flag administrations and port authorities regarding applicable International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) levels is essential.

Operators should review security and contingency plans and communicate potential security threats to seafarers on ships heading toward Israel. Decisions on crew shore leave should be made with the prevailing local security situation in mind.

Joint War Committee Listed Areas

Israel is included in the Joint War Committee’s Listed Areas for Hull War, Piracy, Terrorism, and Related Perils. Ship operators should consult with their ship’s war insurer well in advance of arrival at any Israeli port.

Geopolitical Tensions in the Middle East

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza affects not only the security situation in Israeli ports but also poses risks to ships sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, geopolitical tensions in the Southern Red Sea and Persian Gulf have escalated further, posing risks to ships linked to Israel and other countries involved in Operation Poseidon Archer.

Ships are advised to exercise caution in these regions, as the threat of collateral damage or direct hits on any merchant ship remains high.

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