Volkswagen India Ships 100,000th Car To Mexico


The ‘Made-in-India Vento’ from Volkswagen India claims to be the most popular car in Mexico.


In a hallmark achievement, Volkswagen India, Chakan, Pune shipped its 100,000th car to Mexico. On 20th August 2015, it sailed from Mumbai Port to Mexico on the vessel Höegh Asia.

In the year 2013, Volkswagen  first entered the Mexican car market with the introduction of “The Vento”, built at their Pune Plant.  The robust build, elegant design, great quality, spacious interiors, safety features became a super hit at the Mexican market.  The Vento soon replaced the demand for “The Jetta Classico” in the Mexican market.  This achievement in less than two years of exports to Mexico is a feather in the cap for Volkswagen India.

The dignitaries present during the event are:

  1. Mr. Carsten Goransch Head of Logistics, Volkswagen India Private Limited;
  2. Mr. Carsten Steinicke, Logistics, Volkswagen India Private Limited;
  3. Mr. Tore Listad, Head of Region South Asia and Africa, Höegh Autoliners AS;
  4. Mr. Karolath Gopinath, Head of Area Indian Sub-Continent, Höegh Autoliners AS;
  5. Mr. Yashodhan Wanage, Deputy Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust and
  6. Mr. Suvir Mishra, Commissioner of Customs (Export), Mumbai.

Volkswagen India also produces and exports Polo and Vento in right-hand as well as left-hand drive versions to over 32 countries in Asia, Africa and North America.  The export followed the huge demand for Vento from Mexico.

The company’s Head of Logistics, Mr. Carsten Goransch said that their primary focus was Indian domestic market, but keeping the huge demand internationally, they have decided to concentrate on export markets as well.  He is quoted to have told “A Volkswagen built anywhere in the world meets the same quality standards.  This is evident by the way, the Volkswagen Vento and Polo have been accepted worldwide. With the success of our highest quality cars in a key market like Mexico, we can further increase our scope of export to other countries in the near future.”

Events mentioning the achievements from Inauguration:

March2009:Volkswagen Pune Plant inaugurated
December2009:Start of Polo production
August 2010:Start of Vento production
December 2010:Start of production for export to South Africa
July 2011:1,00,000th car rolled out of Pune Plant
July 2012:Start of production of left-hand drive cars
October 2013:Start of export to Mexico
April 2014:50,000th export car rolled out of Volkswagen Pune Plant
December 2014:With 1,11,444 units, the highest number of cars produced at Volkswagen Pune Plant within one year
19 May 2015:5,00,000th car rolled out of Pune Plant
20 August 2015:1,00,000th car exported to Mexico from Pune Plant

Source: Volkswagen AG


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