Vopak’s Collaboration With Singapore Polytechnic


Vopak, a leading provider of storage solutions, has teamed up with Singapore Polytechnic to enhance maritime safety by training faculty members of the Singapore Maritime Academy in handling low-carbon bunker fuels. This collaboration underscores Vopak’s commitment to sustainability and aims to nurture the next generation of maritime professionals.

Safety Enhancement

The partnership focuses on improving safety standards in maritime operations through specialized training for faculty members. By equipping them with skills in handling alternative bunker fuels, the initiative aims to mitigate risks and ensure safe utilization.

Sustainability Drive

Vopak and Singapore Polytechnic are jointly pioneering sustainable solutions in the maritime sector. By leveraging Vopak’s expertise, the collaboration aims to accelerate Singapore’s transition to a leading sustainable multi-fuel hub.

Future Leadership Development

In addition to safety and sustainability, the collaboration emphasizes nurturing future maritime leaders. Through mentorship and experiential learning, the partnership prepares students for careers in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Source: Manifold Times