Vroon Announces Lay Up Of 12 Offshore Vessels



On Thursday, the Dutch Shipping Company Vroon Shipping Services announced that 12 offshore-support supply vessels will be taken out of operation due to the ongoing slump in offshore oil and gas activities.  Consequently, the number of onboard positions will also be reduced.  This layoff will be effective from the fourth quarter of 2015.

The vessels held for lay up are:

  • Five Platform supply vessel;
  • Seven Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels(ERRV);
  •  A number of older ERRV to be sold for recycling purposes.

In its press release, the company announced:

“We deeply regret the corresponding reduction in onboard positions and the consequences this has for our colleagues. The current market conditions, which have created low vessel utilisation levels, require us to substantially reduce operational costs on unemployed vessels. Rationalisation of our operational fleet and cost structure started earlier this year and will remain a priority going forward. Vroon Offshore Services’ commitment to safe and flawless service delivery to clients is unremitting, and the company will continue expanding its market coverage.”

Vroon Shipping Services operates worldwide and has a fleet of around 170 vessels transporting livestock, dry cargo, containers, automobiles and clean and dirty oil products, as well as a large fleet of offshore-support vessels.

Source: Vroon.nl


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