VTTI Adds UAB-Online Software To ATB Oil Terminal


A recent news article published in the Riviera states that VTTI to add UAB-Online software as a service to ATB oil terminal.

UAB-Online’s service for process optimisation

VTTI, a storage provider for energy and chemical products, began working with UAB-Online’s service for process optimisation in 2020 at its Rotterdam (ETT) and Amsterdam (ETA) terminals, before introducing it to its ATPC terminal in Antwerp.

The ATB oil terminal in Malaysia will be the fourth VTTI terminal to use UAB-Online’s application.

The SaaS application contains a number of functions to assist vessel masters, charterers, terminals, agents and surveyors to complete vessel pre-arrival administration tasks.

UAB-Online said its service aims to save time and increase jetty efficiency, from pre-arrival to departure to make operations more efficient, with a safe and optimised berth utilisation as the ultimate goal.

Inroads into the Asian market

The contract also allows UAB-Online to make inroads into the Asian market.

“This expansion of our collaboration emphasises the solid and excellent relationship between VTTI and UAB-Online,” CEO Hans Bobeldijk said.

“We are proud to take on this international journey with VTTI. We will co-develop an integrated solution that will improve the entire supply chain and benefit all stakeholders in liquid bulk shipping. Let’s show the rest of the world how optimal liquid bulk operations can be done.”

VTTI said it believes digital platforms used in its daily operations aid its organisational goals of strengthening the full operational value chain and enhancing customer service.

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Source: Riviera


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